Infestation The New Z – PC

Welcome to the Official Infestation: The New Z Experience The New Z, free dynamic PVP multi-game. Play the BATTLE ROYALE in a zombie survival game, be the last man standing and win the game. Team up with friends, gather plunders, hoards and perhaps exchange. Start the war with other crews. Enjoy the great open world

The Cycle – PC

Welcome to the Cycle, a competitive quester in a combination that has never seen before. Run the risk of stepping outside the limits by being one of the 20 mercenaries who experience a journey to the beautiful rich planet of Fortuna lll and take the chance to conquer it. Tear into a new adventure. Test

Wasteland Survival – PC

Wasteland Survival – Post Apocalypse Zombie Survival Adventure Game. Welcome to the Wasteland Survival in a post apocalypse world. Here we are! In the last shelter for survivors on the earth. First rule, stay alive. Learn how to survive, build homes, craft weapons and upgrade. Can you stop the zombies? Use all you got to

Black Squad – PC

Introducing Black Squad, a free-to-play military first-person-shooter. No Pay To Win – Only Skills Required. About the game It’s been quite a long time that Mysterious cases are being reported all over the world. Seems like that Viper Circle group is behind all of them. According to the CIA’s report, “Viper Circle is known as

Crossout Update July 2019 – PC

Crossout is a free online multiplayer game. A mysterious viral epidemic swept the earth in 2027. Millions of people died all over the planet. The vibrant lively cities were left abandoned.  Among those who survive the first days, some faced with hallucinations and headaches, others went mad and committed suicide. The source of the disease


Welcome to the “RULES OF SURVIVAL” battle field. As one of the 500 players who found themselves in a huge inhospitable island, a fully deserted area, you are going to create your own rules of survival.Just keep in mind that it’s not safe for so long. Death is near. Fight your way through poison gas

Cyberlink Director Suite v6.0 – Win

Cyberlink Director Suite is a powerhouse collection of award-winning media editing software. The software includes four fully-featured applications: PowerDirector 16PowerDirector, from CyberLink, has long been a contender for the top spot when it comes to reasonably priced video editing software, with cutting-edge image technology, coupled with a great interface and an abundance of smart editing

PUBG Lite – PC

PUBG Lite (PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Lite) is a free version of PUBG for PC and its an online multiplayer battle royale game developed by PUBG Corporation. The down side is that they’ve lowered the graphics and players can only play from a few countries for now. People from Thailand, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia,Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan,

PUBG Tips And Tricks

PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS) is one of the most popular online Multiplayer games and in this post we’re gonna give the best tips and tricks. If you are the one who wishes to get ahead of your competitors, then I will advise you to go through all the tips mentioned below and use them in the