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Play theHunter Classic, the most realistic online hunting simulation video game, for free! Experience hunting in a vast open-world environment. Explore 11 reserves including the desolate Australian outback and overgrown swamps up to the dramatic landscape of the Alps. Harvest your prey using Over 80 weapons from crossbows, hand guns, state-of-the art rifles to bows. Customize your load-out with stands, blinds and dogs. 

So start playing The Hunter Classic. You can play alone to compete with others or team up with other players and enjoy a multiplayer hunting game.

Game play and Key Features

The Hunter game will recreate hunting wild animal in the most realistic manner. Things such as realistic animal behaviors and persistent online features will give you the chance to experience real hunting.
Realistic animal behavior is the greatest feature of the game. As a result species reacts to different stimulus in different ways. All of them have the Scent detection. So players must be careful about the animals smelling their scent and run off.

Start the game by creating your own character on the game’s website. Select your avatar’s face, name and other things. Explore vast and endlessly varied environments, each with detailed graphics.

various locations including:

Settler Creeks (rugged North American mountain forest)
Redfeather Falls (rough Canadian mountains and swamps)
Hirschfelden (German highland farms and forests)
Hemmeldal (Northern Swedish snowy mountains, swamps and icy lakes – for hunting during snowfall),
Rougarou Bayou (Southern United States)
Val des Bois (rugged mountains, meadows and woods in the Alps)
Bushranger’s Run (dry, rocky and sandy Australian Outback)
Whiterime Ridge (chilly arctic landscape surrounded by high mountains and icefields)
Timbergold Trails (Rocky Mountains-inspired Reserve).

Start hunting and finish missions to earn gm$ (in-game currency) to unlock species, weapons, abilities and bigger missions. em$ is another in-game currency that can be purchased for real-life money or earned through winning in-game competitions.

The game is about tracking and harvesting (killing) animals. You have to choose the right weapon for each animal.

Wide range of equipment

Such as “Huntermate” which is a GPS-like device that can track animal’s scat, blood trail, calls and grunts etc.

5 different animal type to hunt including whitetail deer, European rabbit, cottontail rabbit, snowshoe hare and pheasant at first. You can continue playing fully free at this stage or you can buy a membership to unlock all weapons and animals (such as mule deer, blacktail, Roosevelt elk, turkey, coyote, feral hog, black bear, moose, European wild boar, roe deer, red deer, red fox, brown bear, mallard, Canada goose, reindeer, alpine ibex, red kangaroo, bison, Sitka deer, snowshoe hare, gadwall, northern pintail, American black duck,polar bear, willow ptarmigan, rock ptarmigan, white-tailed ptarmigan, Big Horn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Elk and Grizzly Bear)

Play alone or join a hunting team and experience multiplayer with up to 7 players (either friends or other players from all around the world)

Take part in competitions and compete with others for climbing the leaderboards or complete challenging missions so that you can earn achievements. Each achievement will be added to your HunterScore, to track and compare your progress with other hunters. You can unlock some items by Increasing your HunterScore.

Since the first version of TheHunter Classic in 2009, the game is still continuously updated with new weapons, species, environments, equipment and features. And more is still coming!

Play now For Free on PC

Game Informations : 

Developers: Expansive Worlds, Avalanche Studios
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Publishers: Expansive Worlds, Avalanche Studios

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