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Roki is an upcoming adventure game about a girl who checks out into the wild and runs into a lot more than just some deer and snow, which is inspirit by Scandinavian folklore.

It’s the product of Polygon Treehouse, a new studio supported by two former art directors at Guerrilla Cambridge. The game is due out in 2018.

note that the environments themselves are actually modelled in 3D.

a dark contemporaneous fairy fiction underpinned by a touching exemplum, alluring art style, classical puzzles and atmospheric exploration.

We join Tove on an extraordinary journey to save her family. A journey that takes her deep into a hidden and long forgotten world of lost folklore solid with strange locations and even stranger creatures.

Explore the primeval wilderness, solve its puzzles, save your family in this modern adventure game for all.

 “discover a living Fairy Tale Forest”

Join Tove to Explore a rich and hoodwinking world of wintry Scandinavian folklore, a world alive with detail and life crafted in Roki’s efficacy graphical art style.

“Make friends with monstrosity”

hunt for the ancient and theurgic creatures of the Scandinavian wilderness, some are friendly, some not so great! Roki has a rich cast of unique ‘creepy-but-cute’ characters to figure out our own take on Nordic folklore.?

“hunt for Long Forgotten Items”

The ancient wildland holds many mysteries. find out long forgotten items to helping you on your adventure.

“dissolve the Riddles of the desert”

Roki is a game of intelligence not force. Can you unlock ancient causeway and dissolve the conundrum of the ancients?

“schedule your Journey”

Tove charts her progression, in her credible journal which is grail diary. Map uncertain regions, explore deeper into the rich lore of Scandinavian folklore, collect plunder and earn unique ‘wilderness explorer’ marking.

“An adventure for everyone”

Roki is an adventure game for all who loves to play games-A frankly modern take on the Adventure game type-With its non-violent gameplay, hand-to-hand controls and universal subject matter it is a journey to enjoyment all gamers. The game is designed uniquely to condition a challenge but to also offer a helping hand when adventurers need it means that it can be enjoyed by all.


  • “Scandi imagination adventure Roki looks moderately luminous.” – Eurogamer
  • “Roki has a of its own authority all.” – Edge
  • “Roki is one of the most excitant, games that I played at Gamescom 2019.” – Gamers Pack
  • “It may look sweetish, but there’s something hiding just below the plane that’s giving me thrill.” – Games Radar

More information about Röki

Initial release date: 2019
Developer: Polygon Treehouse
Genre: Adventure game
Publisher: United Label
Platform: Nintendo Switch

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