Rogue Company v1431 For PC

Rogue Company is Hi-Rez’s grungy take on a company PVP shooter

Rogue Company is Hi-Rez’s a third-party multiplayer shooter. I’m playing the 4v4 Extraction mode where you gain victory by hacking a target (in this case a laptop), counter-hacking a target, or, because this is a shooter, cut down every one of the opposing groups and forcing them to sit via a replay of your winning kill.


You start the game with a secondary armament and some loose change, enough for a grenade of some kind, or maybe a promotion to that secondary armament. At the start of each level you’ll get to use the store again, spending the cash you’ve earned by winning levels, turning an attack round on an enemy, successfully reviving downed teammates and so on. The purchasing is CSGO-ish but the class-based nature of the game means that the items and perks for sale vary from mercenary rather than being the identical for every player.

I upgraded my revolver before jumping out of the plane. Now I need to pick a landing spot. While I’m airborne the game uses a blue net to mark the play zone and glowing triangles highlight the starting spots of the three main paths through the map. I think the enemy team frequently headed to the right-hand side so I go left. I’m hoping to buy time so I can get a feeling of the map’s layout before the fire fighting begins in serious.

I verily want to tell you that this approach went absolutely to plan that nobody got flanked, that nobody forgot they had purchased a smoke grenade. That they certainly didn’t die behind a shipping container. That they definitely armed their primary weapon once they purchased it. That Actually, not a single one of you were there so you can’t reality check what happened to my mercenary – EVERYTHING WENT TO PLAN!

While everything went to plan my growing map, proficiency started to pay off. Flanking paths stopped catching me out, and I started deploying appliances like trip mines with more skillfulness, making it easier to protect some areas or to force the foe to change route. I was also pleased by the hotkey for swapping among right and left shoulder view, good for left handers and people flummoxed by peeking round the left side of walls.

All of this studying culminated in one of those supremely satisfying competitive shooter instants when Rogue Company’s lead planner Scott Lussier a former Halo world champion, no less tended me score four kills in a row. You are totally welcome to fact check that, by the way. I might even put it on my CV.

About The Game

Rogue Company has been in active enlargement for two years. The result is a game which Lussier hopes will existing, players with dynamic combat puzzles. The list of playable mercenaries is one section of the puzzle as each of them is suited to somewhat different play styles and can be built out in a little different way using the shop. Another sight is the players own skill set and their pitch. For example, because they rush in or hang back.

One of the characters that I tried was Dima, a man with a golden face guise. His passive ability lets him detect close by enemy equipment, “even through walls”, and his energetic ability (the Burst Launcher) lets him fire a rocket launcher. That grenade actually breaks up into many of mini grenades and the scattered damage is helpful for winkling an enemy out from behind cover and into a defenseless position.

Anvil, on the other hand, is a far more protective option. His ability lets him drop a barricade which he and his teammates can use for additional cover, or perhaps to help block off a flanking path. The barricade really has a glass screen which you can shoot out, using the outcome gap to take pot shots at your enemies.

And More!

The hope is that, even though there might be some optimal elections for individual maps, players will have a lot of room for flexibility in their team combinations. For example, in a close district map a sniper is going to combat to find a shot so you’d perhaps look at other options, but the other options will depend on how you want to come close the objective.

As a Rogue Company mercenary, players will group up, catch their armament of choice, and dive into iconic positions to compete online in various PVP game styles.

More information about Rogue Company

Initial release date: 2020
Mode(s): Multiplayer
Developer: First Watch Games
Engine: Unreal Engine
Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

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