The Dark Eye : Book of Heroes

Developer Random Potion Oy and Publisher Wild River Games have announced that The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes will be out in spring 2020 for windows via steam. The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes is about taking on an adventure in the world of Aventuria.

Experience classical role-playing RPG alone or team up with your friends to play in a co-op multiplayer mode.

About This Game

– Welcome to the fantasy world of Aventuria, a world full of magic, dungeons, quests, and adventures above and below ground. Play solo (beside AI-controlled NPCs) or join up to 4 of your friends, use your skills and forces to explore the Aventuria.

– The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes is a PRG based on the DARK EYE (TDE) series and the game is developed in cooperation with the rights owner. The original series was a popular roleplaying game set in Germany in the mid-80s. And The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes has promised to bring back the old classical roleplaying RPG style back.

– Make progress in the game to unlock new spells, skills, and abilities. Each new level brings some new materials to the game.

– Characters

Four playable species including elves, half-elves, dwarves, and humans plus 12 playable professions including Assassin, Mercenary, Blessed one of Rondra, Knight, Black Magician, etc. The custom-made characters and developments will let you individualize your characters using Inrah card sets.

– Multiplayer mode

Play with up to 4 players. Multiplayer mode allows you to combine the specialties of the different species and professions. this advantage will help you overcome enemies, challenges, and solve puzzles easier.

But don’t worry about the solo mode. There is so much content for you to enjoy. You don’t have to play alone, and the game will let you hire extra help to fight alongside you at the Inn of the Black Boar.

– Find loots to craft and craft items, improve your belongings, develop your character

– Eight individual storylines

It means that the game is suitable for replaying. And in case you play The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes again, nor the story neither the quest won’t be exactly the same. – You can play some stories together in The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes. Each will need 20 minutes at most. So you’re not forced to play for long, and you can play multiple stories. The character creation system is also designed to make playing faster. You just simply choose from a series of cards and that’s it.

More information about The Dark Eye : Book of Heroes

Initial release date: June 9, 2020
Developer: Random Potion Oy
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Publishers: Wild River, EuroVideo Medien GmbH

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