Bus Simulator 18 For PC

Bus Simulator 18 For PC

Bus Simulator 18 is an amazingly stressful public transportation sim.

Almost about every city in the world, buses dutifully transmission citizens back and forward like blood being pumped on all sides of a circulatory system. They’re always be there, always running, always trustworthy, if sometimes be on time. But when you don’t need them you never think about them at all. They’re just wedge of the scenery.

About This Game

What I adore about simulators is how they admit you a once-over into the lives of people who drive buses, dump rubbish, and haul leading; lives that are, for almost all people, a mystery. Since playing World of Subways 3: London Underground I’ve never been worried by a tube delay. Driving with those things is difficult. Whenever a truck rumbles past me on the street I think of my hours that I used up in Euro Truck Simulator 2, and I feel like I figure out the job, at least on some external level. I’m not equating sitting on my ass playing Garbage Truck Simulator for an hour to a tough day’s graft, but you know what I mean.

The latest weirdly particular simulator to arrive on PC is Bus Simulator 18, who lets you drive a city bus on all sides of a fictional city, picking up passengers, printing out the tickets, and manufacturing stops on time. I think most people at some spot have wondered what it would be feel driving a bus, and I found stepping alongside of my Mercedes-Benz Citaro K for the first time strangely thrilling. a feeling amplified by the fantastically enthusiastic woman who walks with you to the far side of the tutorial.

on me, simulators don’t get way better than Euro Truck Simulator 2. But as excellent as it is, it’s a kind of lonely experience. Bus Simulator 18, on the other hand, is full of action and reaction. Pull up at a stop and dozens of passengers will mass on, some of whom will strike up conversations together, some will inquire for a ticket and you’ll have to tap their demand into your computer and hand them back the right amount of modify. You can even turn around and scream at people, telling them to turn their loud music down and also get away from the doors.


The driving itself is okay, if you drive a little twitchy and lightweight, compared to SCS Software’s gratifyingly nuanced handling. When you’re pulling a simply cargo in Euro or American Truck Simulator you can really feel the weight behind you. But in Bus Simulator 18 the commotion of being in command of a big, heavy vehicle isn’t quite there. What I do like, anyhow, is how many buttons there are to push. You can open the front and back doors, switch on the lights, honk the horn, unwrap the wheelchair ramp, adjust the seat, and a dozen other interplays, which make the buses feel marvelously tactile.

The map is enjoyment of driving around, with a nice range of scenery and a good mix of built-up and silent areas. I would like better a real city to a fictional one, thought. That familiarity of driving through an actual city can really increase the realism and immersion of a sim. The buses are all real, even so, with licensed vehicles from MAN, Mercedes-Benz, IVECO, and Setra to buy, custom-make, and drive. Yes, you can customize your bus, applying garish paint jobs and decalcomanias to make it your own. Unfortunately, there’s no option to add under car LEDs, spinners, or lowrider hydraulic systems yet.

Bus Simulator 18 could do with a lot more burnish, and someone urgently needs to proof-read the dialogue captions, which sometimes match what’s being spoken. But, like most of these recess sims, I’m glad it exists. It’s given me a fortuity to experience, in somehow, what it’s like to be a bus driver, and I never actually considered how stressful the job could be. I think I’ll stick to Euro Truck Simulator 2, where I don’t have to trade with people and can drive for long stretches without intervention, but this is still a fun simulator, with an infectious enthusiasm for this most gentle and misunderstood of professions.

More information about Bus Simulator 18

Initial release date: June 13, 2018
Publisher: Astragon
Genre: Simulation Video Game
Developers: Stillalive Studios, stillalive studios GmbH
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

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