Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is an upcoming flight simulator exclusively for Windows 10 and Xbox One that currently will be released in 2020 (and no more detail).

Explore the planet, fly in different weather conditions, and different seasons with a huge focus on the “SIMULATOR” part. fully details whether in the sky or on the ground is carefully modeled in the game.

About this game

Fly anywhere in the world

The whole planet earth is simulate using Bing Maps. Be ready to fly over two million cities in the most realistic game ever. There is a 3-dimensional representation of the world including different trees, buildings, roads with cars, and oceans, rivers, and much more.


Realistic Weather systems and seasons are represented in the game. All from real-world weather data to simulate weather in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It means that if it’s raining somewhere in real life, then there will be rainy in the game. Clouds cast shadows over the landscape, and have different behaviors that will create rain, snow, and storm that will impact the performance.

Real-time air traffic

Real daily air traffic across the world will be simulated in the Game. So each flight you saw in the game, is actually happening in reality.

Filter pilots in multiplayer mode

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s multiplayer settings will allow you to filter out any pilots in the game.


All the real airport in the world are here in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. So you can fly from 40,000 real-world airports.

VR support

As the head of the Microsoft Flight Simulator said, there will be a full VR support. But it won’t be guaranteed at launch.

More information about Microsoft Flight Simulator

Initial release date: 2020
Developer: Asobo Studio
Series: Microsoft Flight Simulator
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One
Genres: Simulation Video Game, Amateur flight simulation

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