Welcome to the “RULES OF SURVIVAL” battle field. As one of the 500 players who found themselves in a huge inhospitable island, a fully deserted area, you are going to create your own rules of survival.
Just keep in mind that it’s not safe for so long. Death is near. Fight your way through poison gas spreading and armed enemies.
Fight for your life alone or find up to 4 players to fight as a team. Use your wisdom, employ tactics to search all over the island. Plunder supplies and find as many weapons as you can in order to survive.
Remember. It’s not a game. It’s “fight or die”.

Rules of survival features lots of weapons and the good thing is that it’s Free.
About the game:

  • Extensive HD map that gives you enough space to run when it’s necessary
  • The chance to fight solo or as a team in the battle of survivors. The last fight between 120 players
  • Diversity of weapons and equipment
  • Variety of vehicles to drive all over the island

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