Apex Legends Tips And Tricks

Apex Legends is currently one of the most popular games on the planet and the best way to learn how to play it is to, well, play it. But even if you’ve played dozens of hours of Apex Legends already, there are plenty of deeper mechanics, design elements and hidden things that you may not have discovered yet. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

How to move faster in Apex Legends

Like other battle royale games, speed is crucial in Apex Legends. When you’re sprinting to catch up with a ring that has already closed on you, you’re literally running for your life. Respawn has confirmed that every character in the game – even Gibraltar – walks and runs at the same speeds So, the key is to be moving as fast as possible, But How ?

First: If you’re armed, you’re not moving as fast as possible. According to a video of character movement tests from YouTuber T_status, every Legend sprints at approximately 7.4 meters per second when unarmed. But when holding a weapon ( any weapon ) the sprint speed drops to about 6.5 meters per second, which is more than 12 percent slower and it doesn’t matter which gun you’re using . So if you’re exploring Kings Canyon in search for loot, sure, you probably want to stay armed, But if you’re in a hurry, you should get rid of your weapons. The fastest command to do this is to press 3 on PC.

Consider Landing Far, Far Away

If you’re not a skilled player and you’re not comfortable landing right in the action, try staying in the drop ship longer and landing on the outskirts of the map. Chances are you’ll only land near one or two other squads and you will have more time to loot weapons and learn how to use them.

Supply Ship

While dropping onto King’s Canyon, you will notice an icon for some supply ships on the map. This icon represents the supply ship’s final destination so if you time your drop path correctly, you can land on top of the supply ship and loot the good stuff. These ships are guaranteed high tiers of loot so be prepared for a hot fight. Since there is no fall damage in Apex Legends, feel free to grab a high tier weapon and jump ship immediately. But remember that other players can land on the supply ship too! So there’s a good chance your group will have to face off against others landing on the supply ship.

Listen, and Learn to Ping

If someone spots an enemy (but doesn’t ping) their character will still call them out, especially if they’re being shot at, but be sure to learn how to ping. The Ping system is extremely useful for sending information to your team without actually communicating over a microphone. You can quickly
point out an enemy on the battlefield, ping loot for your teammates, decline an action and even indicate that you are going to loot a specific area. So it can be a useful feature if you learn how to work with it.

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