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Desperados III is a story-driven hardcore stealth real-time tactic game set in a Wild West scenario which debuts in late 2019 on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Experience the origin story of the infamous John Cooper and his gang. Play the epic journey of John Cooper in the USA and Mexico. It’s the 1870s and John Cooper has no choice but to take responsibility for mistakes that happened in the past.

About This Game


On John Cooper’s quest for redemption, Cooper joins forces to make their way from the mountains of Colorado to the heart of Louisiana and to the final destination, New Mexico.  This ragtag band will soon become a great group of specialists _unlikely heroes and heroines_ with a high function.

Characters of the Desperados III

John Cooper

– John Cooper is the leader of the team. He is a drifter and gunslinger. Cooper can kill anyone in a second with a throwable Bowie knife, dual pistols or with his revolvers. He also can toss a coin to use as a distraction or lure.

Kate O’Hara

– The runaway bride Kate O´Hara. Kate can fool almost any man with the right outfit and kill discretely with her hidden gun.

Doc McCoy

– Cold blooded bounty hunter “Doc” McCoy, who likes to play in his style. He has a medical cap and he uses lures, knockout gas, poison syringes stealth kills, a custom pistol, and a sniper rifle for taking out distant targets.

Hector Mendoza

– The giant trapper Hector which is a Strongman who carries a giant beartrap and his ax. He can slay the toughest opponents in no time.

Isabelle Moreau

Isabelle Moreau is a voodoo practitioner. Born and raised in New Orleans, Isabelle has mastered the secret techniques of Voodoo. She is able to go into the mind of her enemies and control their actions.

Play as five completely different characters at once with their unique skills. Remain undetected while you combine their abilities to overcome challenges. Plan each move carefully and wisely and use them in the best time to sneak past your enemies.

You will have a wide variety of different solutions and paths in order to complete each mission. Careful Planning and great timing can solve almost any problem throughout the game. As you fight your enemies with squad you can choose between options. Chose to stay hidden in the shadows and non-lethal options or chose to come out with blazing guns.

Enjoy a classic Wild West world with frontier towns, mysterious swamps, sprawling modern cities and many more.

There are various setting options to play base on your playstyle and enjoy special replayability challenges.

More information about Desperados III

Initial release date: 2019
Series: Desperados
Genre: Real-time tactics
Developers: Mimimi Productions, Mimimi Games
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Publishers: THQ Nordic, THQ

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