Smalland is a massive first person adventure game on a tiny scale! You will find yourself in a vast scary wilderness after becoming the size of tiny animals. Every rule has been changed. Before trying to figure out why this has happened, you must find food, water, and shelter.


“What a beautiful garden, the sunbeams dapple as they reflect off the pond, the grass sways gently, and a few insects buzz gently around the bushes. Zoom in. No, zoom in more. Just a little more. Until the trees become skyscrapers and even blades of grass tower over you, flowers become explosions of color and a pond becomes a sea. The sight alone is breath-taking. And then there’s the noise, it’s full of noise down here, a squadron of wasps zoom overhead, their buzzing drowning out the swish of the wind and the sing-song chatter of the birds.”

“Suddenly, this place is no Eden. Danger lurks behind every corner, insects the size of double decker buses, venomous dragonfly and dinosaur sized rodents after a morsel of meat. And that’s before the weather takes its toll. Raindrops that smash into the ground around you like grenades, winds that can whip you into the air and deadly hailstones dropping like a meteor shower from a disaster movie.”

About this game

– Smallland gives you a different survival experience. Takes on the role of a hero who has been reduced in unexplained circumstances. Faces the protagonist in the forest. Begin the struggle with a head full of questions. You must survive in a new inhospitable world before finding the truth.

– Your enemies are dangerous not only because they can eat you, but also because they are able to steal your supplies. But don’t forget that it’s not about wolves or bears but about tiny animals such as squirrels and rabbits or ant colonies which are much larger than you

– Dive into the adventure and conquer the world. Experience an action-adventure game in your back yard. Ride a wasp through a field of wheat, climb a colossal tree to the top of the world, run from a pack of vicious rats intent on you becoming their latest prey

– Join the adventure with your friends: Despite the fact that you can play Smalland alone, there is an extensive cooperation mode for you to play in the company of up to seven other players.

– High resolution, Three-dimensional graphics with rich colors in Smalland complemented by a soundtrack to make the game enjoyable for all.

– Explore new places

– More than 15 animals, each must survive

– Strong ecosystem – Dynamic weather and wind

More information about SMALLAND

Publisher: Merge Games
Developer: Merge Games
Platform: Microsoft Windows

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