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Explore the post-apocalyptic world of Lost Ember from fascinating perspectives! A breathtakingly beautiful world that nature has claimed back from mankind. Discover ruins of long-forgotten civilizations and ancient cultures that tell a story of hope, loss, ambition, and failure. Inhibit different animals to unravel the fate of an ancient world. There are lots of ways of getting around. Dive into deep waters, fly at any heights, dig underground or climb steep cliffs.

About this game

– You have 5 hours to uncover the secret of this beautiful world. Chase your destiny in the exploration adventure Lost Ember. Together with your companions, you go on a journey using a tale of loyalty, despair, and betrayal to find out what happened to mankind a long time ago before nature reclaimed the world.


Lost Ember begins with a spirit asking you for help. The spirit is the soul of a member of a lost ancient mysterious culture known as the Yanrana. It decides that you must be a Lost Ember—a member of the tribe for some reason denied entry to the City Of Light after death—and promises to help you understand why.
What happened to the Yanrana and what role did you and your companion play in the downfall of civilization? Roam Lost Ember’s beautiful world on a quest to reclaim your memories of a past life to make sense of this one.


Experience the story of mankind falling in a world reclaimed by nature.  Your main character will be a Majestic, fast and agile wolf. The wolf has the ability to inhabit a menagerie of creatures. You’re perfectly fitted to run through the woods, explore the world and chase all the other animals you encounter. Determined companion at your side, Explore the land, sea, earth and skies from other perspectives. Inhabit other animals each with its unique abilities to go to places the wolf never could. Choose to be an eagle to fly, a mole for digging the ground, a goat to climb mountains or a fish to swim and etc. there are many ways to discover your environment. Note that when you’re finished with an animal, you return to your wolf form, leaving the possessed animal unharmed.


Experience an organic world including densely wooded forests, barren deserts, gargantuan canyon valleys, lush rainforest canopies, archaic temples, and colorful coral reefs.

– enjoy a peaceful game. There’s no enemies, no puzzles, and very little dangers in the Lost Ember.

More information about LOST EMBER

Initial release date: 2019
Developer: Mooneye Studios
Publisher: Mooneye Studios
Genre: Adventure game
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch

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