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Helium Rain is a realistic single-player space simulation for PC. Explore the vast emptiness of space. Take command of your ships, create your empire in a world which relies heavily on physics.

Helium Rain is a game where everything is tied together. Ships and stations are built with resources that need to be mined, transported and traded. The steel you sell to a company will become a ship or a gun. The cargo you’re blowing up will create a shortage. The blockade you’re imposing will raise the prices. Helium Rain simulates a complex economy where all actions have consequences.

About this game

*You will be at the helm of a spacefaring company. Trade resources, buy ships and stations to fulfill contracts in a realistic economy with dynamic prices, population growth, supply, and demand!

* Dock at stations to buy and sell your wares or upgrade your ship, upgrade your technology to be more efficient and militarize your fleet to prevent piracy.


The massive gas giant Nema is your new home. Surrounded by rings of metal and rock, the planet is a near-infinite source of fuel. The game will give you an empire to build and defend against your competitors.

Play as a new company in a small colony. Your goal is to extend your company and make it an empire. For this, you will need to use a smart combination of commercial and military options. You can achieve the goal you gave yourself (be the richest, the most powerful… or the only one) just by fighting, or without ever fighting, but in some cases, both will be required.

Your competitors are independent factions, companies with the same goal as yours. They want to rule the system too and they will try to undercut you, or attack you if you become a threat to them. But don’t be too quick to destroy them, as war can break the supply of resources you depend on! Attacking freighters will destroy resources, with the potential to cause an economic crisis. It’s up to you to decide if you will trade wares and resources, avoid trouble, or eliminate the competition in a cutthroat world and start wars.


you will need to make money in the Helium Rain and The simplest way to do so is trading. Trading allows companies to exchange resources between each other in a living world.

Resources are gathered from mines or pumps or produced in other stations, they are produced and consumed by stations and can be transported with cargos. During the game, you will build or capture stations/mines/pumps to produce and sell resources and ships yourself.

Make money exploring, running escort contracts, and trading and in the end, you can become partially or totally autonomous for resources and ship production.


The best way to make money is to build stations. Although Stations are very expensive and they must be built from resources, they can ensure continued and secure revenues. Be careful, your neighbors can be friendly as long as you are small and peaceful, but being more aggressive or ambitious can lead to your fall.


In order to build a real world, you’re going to have real ships. You begin with one ship and you can buy or build other ships during the game. Each of you ships has generators, radiators, weapons, engines, cargo bays or life support systems – they all work together with individual roles. Most of the ships have more than thirty parts. Customize the most important components – your main engines, attitude control thrusters, and weapons. You can choose your colors, emblem, and of course, you can fly every ship in the game. And don’t forget that to destroy your enemy, you can Aim for the engines to pin them down, or destroy power stations 13 playable ships with weapons and engine upgrades including fighters, freighters or capital ships. Build and fly fleets of fighters, bombers, cargos, corvettes or capital ships. Buy new engines and weapons.

More information about Helium Rain

Developer: Deimos Games
Publisher: Deimos Games
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux

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