Heavy Rain For PC

Heavy Rain is a cinematic psychological thriller game developed by Quantic Dream and released in February 2010 for Play Station 3. A new version of the game was published for PlayStation 4 in March 2016. And the PC version was released on June 2019 via the Epic Games Store

The game follows the story of four characters brought together by faith, in a fictional story in an American city obsessed with a serial murderer, called the Origami Killer. It’s about adult issues and how far would you go to save someone you love?

About this game

* Setting

Experience the drama through the eyes of four different characters swept up in a wave of terror in an American city in October 2011. The city remains unnamed but with some signs in the game, we can say it’s near New York. The publisher also said that the city was modeled based on Philadelphia.

* Story

Meet journalist Madison Paige, FBI agent Norman Jayden, private detective Scott Shelby, and architect Ethan Mars, some ordinary people with very different backgrounds and motivations. They are living in an unnamed rain-soaked American city terrorized by the Origami killer, A murderer who kidnaps young boys and kills his victims by drowning them over several days. Bodies were found with a small origami animal and an orchid.

* Characters

Let’s have a closer look in each character:

– Ethan Mars

He is the main protagonist. A successful architect living with his wife Grace and his two sons, Jason and Shaun. Ethan lost ten-years-old Jason in a mall and then finds him on the other side of the street. Jason got happy after finding his dad and want to run towards him when a car gets close really fast. Ethan tries to protect him but the accident leads to little Jason’s death and put Ethan in a coma for six months. Ethan and Grace got divorced after that tragic accident and have dual custody of distant and depressed Shaun. On one of the night which Shaun is staying with Ethan, Ethan receives a weird letter, blacks out, and then wake up on an unfamiliar street holding an origami dog in his hand.

– Scott Shelby

A burly, straight-shooting retired police lieutenant working as a private investigator at the moment. He works for the victim’s families. He interviews with the victim’s parents and other related sources. His investigations will reveal important clues for solving the mystery

– Norman Jayden

An unstable, irritating FBI agent who is in town for helping the local police department to catch the Origami Killer. He is addicted to Triptocaine, a fictional drug, witch causes him instability.

– Madison Paige

A photojournalist whose connection with the antagonist isn’t obvious till the last stage of the game. She’s a tough girl that does whatever she can to help find the Origami Killer’s identity.

* Multiple endings are possible in Heavy Rain. The main characters might die base on the choices you make. You will face many moments in the game that your decision will matter. And each may cause serious harm.

More information about Heavy Rain

Initial release date: February 18, 2010
Developer: Quantic Dream
Producer(s): Charles Coutier
Awards: BAFTA Games Award for Technical Innovation, BAFTA Games Award for Story, BAFTA Games Award for Original Score
Genres: Interactive storytelling, Action-adventure game
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows

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