1971 Project Helios

1971 Project Heliosis is a turn-based strategy game developed and published by Recotechnology S.L. and it was released on 9 Jun 2020.

Play a game that Combines modern warfare military tactics and close combat in an ice age where eight characters have no choice but to join and save the human race from extinction.

About this game

– Story

In 1942 – which is almost 30 years ago – a huge meteor crashed into Earth and the world began to freeze. There was no sunlight, no food, and no heat. Many people have died since then and those who survive must face extreme temperatures and violent storms every day. There is just one last hope, a resource that comes from the sky, a bright red substance called Fulgor. Fulgor can be used for different purposes and it’s the only thing that people will die without.

Life was hopeless until a project – called Helios – became humanity’s last hope. Now Dr. Margaret Blythe who is the scientist in charge of Helios is kidnapped by a massive stratocracy and eight survivors must join in a sort of temporary alliance to find her. They have their own problems and interests and not all of them want Dr. Blythe back to her research.

But that won’t be an easy target. They must travel, hide, avoid from raider attacks, investigate and gather information, and infiltrate into the territory of a dangerous anti-technological religious sect or fight shoulder to shoulder in possible battles.

– There are three different factions, each has unique and special units, strategies, and advantages. Some are even immune to cold. If you want to win in this battle and save humans you must first study your enemies to find out about their weaknesses, then it’s time to plan your attack and don’t forget to have a plan B, in case everything went wrong!

– The game will come to three possible endings base on your choices throughout the game

– Explore

The map is extended in 1971 Project Helios and there are different locations you can visit including military enclaves and medieval dungeons. No matter where you go to, make sure to gather fulgor, equipment, and information.

– Skill tree

As you explore and gather equipment compatible with eight characters, you will unlock new skills and equipment or upgrade the ones you already have. You can combine them for better use.

Manage your resources

Find as many fulgor as you can to warm up your HP, reduce the cold condition, and reanimate your fallen units.

– Supported Languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, English

More information about 1971 Project Helios

Initial release date: June 9, 2020
Developer: RecoTechnology S.L.
Publisher: RecoTechnology S.L.
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

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