Out of Reach: Treasure Royale

Enjoy an online Battle Royale game where dozens of pirates face each other in different locations (such as on the open sea, jungle islands, and dark caves). Navigate your ship, fight with enemies and find gear. but don’t forget the most important thing! Hunt treasures! Because although every pirate has his paths, he is always on the hunt led by his greed!
An Online game including sailing, various kind of weapons, and different models (like destruction models for vessels and buildings).

About This Game

Pirate battles

“Gather a crew, create and start a rebellious career of a pirate who cares only about his treasures! Sail the seas, look for trouble, be the last pirate standing to retrieve all the treasures the archipelago can give you! Although you may not survive every single raid, your achievements, fame and glory will!”


  • On the sea
    Choose which kind of a ship serves your needs best and take your crew or go alone for a ride across the archipelago. Bomb, ram or board enemy vessels and take control over the islands!
  • In the forests
    Find your favorite rum and necessary equipment inside the shipwrecks, abandoned villages and forsaken ruins to outstrip opponents and increase chances of surviving in the next battles!
  • Inside the caves
    Moor your ship in a pirate hideout and use maps to collect treasures before others lay their filthy hands on them. Complete objectives, get to the extraction point and protect your precious chests until it’s safe to sail away with the bounty!


Attack in your own battle-style. Variety of firearms (like pistols, revolvers, rifles and hand cannons) plus upgrades.

* Use your specific strategy and ideas to win the game.

* Be sure to face your enemies as much as possible. The more you face and fight them, the better the results are. The pace must be maximized, as high as possible

* Dynamic maps to give players the freedom (plus adaptive objectives to make the most of the game)

* Dynamic Weather effecting sailing. Keep your eyes on the storms

* Think ahead about map size, island placement, weather, personal crew style. There are several variables that you need to think about them before entering the battleground (as an example: Galleon-size ship that’s perfect for a tight crew might not be the best idea for a lone wolf.)


The most important job is to choose the proper ship class base on your plans. You can also add equipment, paint the vessel and you must pick your crew.

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Game Informations :

Developer: Space Boat Studios
Publisher: PlayWay
Platform: Microsoft Windows

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