Wasteland Survival – PC

Wasteland Survival – Post Apocalypse Zombie Survival Adventure Game.

Welcome to the Wasteland Survival in a post apocalypse world. Here we are! In the last shelter for survivors on the earth. First rule, stay alive. Learn how to survive, build homes, craft weapons and upgrade. Can you stop the zombies? Use all you got to fight against zombie’s gang. Explore the place with your dog and hunt using its dazzling sense of smell. Gather supplementary and PVP loot.

Some can remember life before the infection. What a peaceful happy place it was. Beautiful houses, city lights at the nights, billboards lighten up when the sun went down. Life was easy back then. People could know the weather in advance, although they rarely pay attention.

Then a ghastly infection came out of nowhere. Before anyone noticed, it spread everywhere. Human being was turning into brutal zombies. Rulers announced that they’re unable to control the situation and they must release their control. Soon they were infected or underwent the attack of zombies.

A long journey of striving has begun. The survivals won’t give up until the mankind make their society again. As one of the survivors, you’re expected to stay alive. Cause only in that way you can make a difference. Life is going to be hard. Aside from zombies, there will be hunger, thirst and coldness. Other survivors could be cruel enemy of yours.

The apocalypse world of “wasteland survival” may seem scary at first. But don’t be disappointed and try to make the most of it. There’s nothing to lose. Choose to explore. Seize the moment and enjoy. Build strong houses and craft advance equipment and weapons. Perhaps find a partner. May you survive long!

Tips to Add Your Life Hours:

  • First thing first, make a house! Build a comfortable and steady house. That’s what you need the most
  • Craft weapons to defend yourself against zombie harassment
  • Gather wood and stones to craft tools and equipment with
  • Disperse your enemies first. Be a shadow. Sneak attack will be more harmful and it will be the best for you to be a hard target
  • Don’t forget to gather treasure after killing your enemies. Find the supplies you need for survival
  • You must fight your way through hunger and cold. Therefor it’s necessary to learn how to cook and make clothes
  • Steal whatever you can from whoever you wish
  • Be careful! Keep an eye on your health point HP.
  • Before getting close to another survivor first make sure of his/her kindness. Fight is an option you must be prepared for.
  • Keep a dog. A dog can make the crazy zombie world a better place.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of knowledge. Fix a radio and collect information

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Game Informations :

Developer: Joyloft Co., Limited
Publisher: Joyloft Co., Limited
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS

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