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After the world we all known has vanished few years ago, due to a deadly unknown pandemic that killed billions and billions of people, the nature began to heal itself and take back the planet again! Unusual forests full of poisonous plants, mutants and wild animals began to grow and now are covering most of the planet. Not everyone is brave enough to travel in nature’s territories. Humans can only get through these dangerous forests in armored vehicles. Life of the survivors in places that the forest hadn’t reached out yet are pretty much the same as it used to be before. People are making new societies with new rules to live out their life.

Game play:

Survarium is a free online massive multiplayer first-person shooter (MMOFPS) that take place in the near future after a global disaster, where anarchy and chaos reign. You must adopt to the new condition to survive.

Survarium offering you variety. Enjoy different locations, options and story-related information.

Survarium offers several game modes. Play solo or team up. Explore the world, find useful items that will help you survive the upcoming anomalous storms. Deliver the objects to the base and guard them. Some missions designed only for co-operative play through. Wide variety of tactics, maps and modes are waiting for your team.

There are many hidden secrets. Good ones and bad ones. Use data gathered from devices like scanners, detectors etc. to discover and increase your chance of survival.

Face every situation and survive to improve your character’s skills and become stronger.

Key features

Factions in the Survarium
There are no countries and no borders in the Survarium. But survivors are separated in factions, fighting for places out of the jungles, they’re rivals compete over the civilization’s remains. You will see four factions in the game. Each has its own unique weapons and equipment. First step is to prove your capability by joining a faction in the first place. Then you have the chance to participate in their missions, complete them and get reputation. The experience and of course the money will come afterward.

You have the right to choose your way. Each factions has its own special equipment. All you have to do is to pick a faction based on your priorities, complete a mission and gain their trust and improve your relationship with the chosen faction. As you do, the fiction will improve your weapons and armory.

Who will you become? – A keen sniper, a fearless assault fighter, a scout, an artifact seeker or a jack of all trades? – It’s up to you!

Combat Parameters

while playing, you will gain experience, level up and obtain skill point to develop your five skills
Firearm training that will improve your shooting accuracy.
Physical training include your running speed and weight carried (necessary for heavier missions)
Knowledge of the Forest allows to use artifacts and increases protection from anomalies.
Medical skills increase effectiveness of medicine.
Technical skills make more effective traps and devices.

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Game Informations :

Initial release date: April 2, 2015
Developer: Vostok Games
Publisher: Vostok Games
Platform: Microsoft Windows

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