PUBG Tips And Tricks

PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS) is one of the most popular online Multiplayer games and in this post we’re gonna give the best tips and tricks. If you are the one who wishes to get ahead of your competitors, then I will advise you to go through all the tips mentioned below and use them in the game.

Dropping Tips

After the drop plane takes its course, open up the map and first decide where you want to drop. However, before you do that, keep in mind that dropping in high-risk areas can be quite difficult for the beginners. As a result, I will advise you to look for places like Mylta and Gatka because the risk is lower than other places and you’ll find all of the items that you need to start. Remember before you initiate the drop, make sure that the flight path of the plane allows you to reach your drop point.

Shooting Tips

Avoid rushing into battle and play smart. Hold your ground and look for the perfect play which could sometimes mean running away from fights. Killing is a part of the game, but surviving is what you should focus on. So, take fight which you know you will surely win. Wait for the perfect shot and don’t go all out. When using an automatic weapon, always be cautious cause recoil can kill you. Fully automatic weapons might be good for kill people quickly but you should know that they are extremely inaccurate and can give away your location.

Advanced Tips

Avoid running in a straight line when you’re under fire, cause, your movements can be predicted. So, I advise you to always run in a zigzag pattern. When looting or in the process of applying a bandage, always make slight movements by couching constantly. This will make you a harder target to hit and will improve your chances to survive.

Boots are good for protection against your feet, but they create extra noise. So, if you wish to adopt a more stealth approach, you should play the game barefoot.

While fleeing from a fight, unequip your weapon (the X key on PC) cause it gives you a speed boost. And always remember that taking cover is very important. Whenever you are caught in an open field, always look for cover rather than taking the fight head on. Because your chances of winning the fight in an open environment are quite low as it can attract unwanted attention from other nearby players.

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