Black Squad – PC

Introducing Black Squad, a free-to-play military first-person-shooter. No Pay To Win – Only Skills Required.

About the game

It’s been quite a long time that Mysterious cases are being reported all over the world. Seems like that Viper Circle group is behind all of them.
According to the CIA’s report, “Viper Circle is known as an international corporation operating legitimate
businesses”. As a ruthless organization, viper circle are attracting all criminal forces around the world and utilizing them for more and more profit. They have so much power that governmental organizations enounce themselves unable to defeat the circle. Not far ago, Members of the UN gathered and formed a Global Anti-Terrorist Taskforce which is formally known as Peacemaker. It’s their duty to do what others are incapable of doing. Peacemaker’s mission is to be the leading force saving the world, defeat the Viper Circle and be ready for any future threats.

Looking for competition? The war has begun! Join Viper Circle or save the world with Peacemaker. The decision is yours to make. Join FPS players and enjoy one of the most played games on steam! Make a team with friends or play solo, Use wide range of game mods, maps and weapons to master the skills and strategies and defeat your enemies in the Black Squad.

New challenge every day! Receive rewards in your inbox as soon as you completed a Quest. You can receive Steam keys, in-game items, BS Coins, special information, access to special events, and much more!

Key features

  • Weapons
    you’ll have more than 85 in your armoury! Each and every item in the game can be achieved by only playing (access from the moment you start the game).
  • Game Modes
    enjoy a well-rounded list of options like Competitive, Demolition, TDM, battle match and more!
  • Custom Game Creation
    play as you wish
  • Map
    no boundary! 48 maps to conquer. Tons of Suitable places for snipers, runners etc.
  • Characters
    up to10 different characters to collect
  • Customization
    more than 460 Skins
  • 3 Currencies
    Gold which are Earned through many general tasks/games/achievements/etc.
    Medals which are earned through more difficult challenges for purchasing permanent weapons.
    BS Coin that can be used to Purchases superficial variants of weapons

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Game Informations :

Initial release date: July 28, 2017
Developer: NS Studio
Publishers: NS Studio, Neowiz Games
Platform: Microsoft Windows

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