Dauntless v0.8.0.131970

Dauntless is a free to play action RPG (role playing game) published by Phoenix Labs. The game first launched in beta in May 2018 for Windows and the final version of the game launched in May 2019 for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, including full support for cross-platform play. The game takes place in a fantasy world, where a cataclysmic event has torn the world apart, releasing monstrous creatures known as Behemoths that prey on the surviving humans. You take on the role of Slayer to take down Behemoths, collecting loot that they use to craft and upgrade weapons and equipment as to take down larger and more powerful Behemoths.

The game plays as a third-person action game; the player uses a combo system to attack the creature, while monitoring their own health and stamina. Such hunts can take upwards of twenty minutes of in-game time to complete unless you die while your fighting with enemies. You can play the game as single-player. You can also team up with other Slayers to confront these massive monsters before they consume what’s left of our world. You are powerful, wild and ravenous for the aether that holds the Shattered Isles up in the air, Behemoths are a threat to our existence. While there will be micro-transactions in the game, the developers plan to limit this to cosmetic items and temporary boosts rather than to require players to access game content.

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