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Arma 3 – About the game

Play Arma 3, a true combat tactical shooter video game in a massive military sandbox. Enjoy a wide variety of single and multiplayer content, vehicles and weapons plus limitless content creation.
Fight in a fully detailed, open battlefield. Large Mediterranean islands terrain Over 290 km² area including places from large cities to rolling hills and dense forests. The islands of Arma 3 is a dynamic world giving you the option to ride your steamroller tank in the plains, fly your helicopter in the sky and so much more.

Key Features

  • Vehicles
    Arma 3 features a vast array of vehicles. Attack on foot, enjoy 20+ vehicles in the game from driving armored machineries to flying in helicopters and jets or even sailing. No matter which you choose, there is a world of tactical opportunities. Whether in sea (like Speedboat, assault boat etc.), air (Neophorn, wipeout, jetfighter, hellcat etc.), or on land (Truck, Tanks, kuma, marshal wheeled, strider etc.).
  • Weapons
    a good soldier is fast, exact and effective with his weapon. In order to pick the right weapon you must first realize the situation. Explore the huge range of infantry equipment and +40 weapons. Are you going to fight personal? Or you will kill from a distance? Will you attack in daylight or when it’s totally dark? Choose from a list of battle weapons like rifles, pistols, revolers, titan luanchers, mines and some static variants.
    you can also customize your weapons to suit your needs. Add a scope to your riffle, attach an infra-red laser etc. but be careful not to carry much. It will slow you down.
  • Singleplayer
    Ben Kerry is a soldier who is caught up in a Mediterranean flashpoint. Try your hardest to Survive, Adapt and Win in a gameplay-driven scenarios and campaign. Start playing in a huge game. Play in a competitive fire drill to improve your skills or join the Arms 3 bootcamp to complete your training

More Key Features

  • Multiplayer
    if you don’t like to stand alone, team up and Fight against your enemies in co-operative online battles. Enjoy the multiplayer scenarios. Join a squad to defend and seize power. Or perhaps play one of the popular unofficial game modes. Experience a new form of multiplayer in Arma 3 Zeus, where Game Masters have the ability to influence the battlefield of other players.
  • Content Creation
    join our creative community. Start designing your own scenarios with the powerful Arma 3 editor and enjoy a platform filled with player-created content. Create for yourself or for other players to play. Create from weapons and vehicles to intense and brand new scenarios in single or multiplayer game modes.
    Each creation can be saved, loaded, and exported. And It’s available in compatible multiplayer modes
  • VR Training
    Arma 3’s virtual playground will give you the chance to learn in training courses. Everything you need to win in the battlefield will be taught here. And don’t worry! If you couldn’t manage to win, you will not die. It’s just a practice, and practice makes perfect!

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Game Informations :

Initial release date: September 12, 2013
Engine: Bohemia Interactive
Developer: Bohemia Interactive
Composer: Nathan McCree
Director(s): Joris-Jan van ‘t Land; Jay Crowe
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems

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